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Dangers of Palm Tree Trimming

When people think of professional tree trimming, most people don’t really think of the dangers of palm tree trimming. Sure, it would be foolhardy for an average citizen to climb up into a tree without gear and start hacking away, but when you see a professional with professional equipment who’s harnessed in, what’s to worry about?

Well, it turns out, if you’re dealing with palm trees — a lot.

Did you know that palm trees are some of the most dangerous trees to trim? This is due to the unique nature of palm fronds, which grow and shed much differently than traditional leaves.

For that reason, it’s important to consider the importance of professional, certified tree services when your palm trees need trimming. Given that it can be dangerous even for professionals, normal people have no business climbing up in palm trees.

Suffocation – The Hidden Threat of Palm Trees

Would you believe it if we said that the most common cause of death for palm tree trimmers is suffocation? Yes, that sounds realistic, but hear us out — it is very possible to be suffocated by the collapsing fronds of a palm tree, and this type of accident has claimed several lives in the last decade.

If you think of a palm tree, you probably envision the palm fronds jutting up and outwards, kind of like a crazy hairdo for the tree. However, weaker palm fronds droop more than their brethren, and may hang downwards, limp as a wet noodle.

These are the type of fronds that are prone to falling, an occurrence which can be lethal unto itself. And that, of course, is why tree trimmers often go up there in the first place.

Collapsing Palm Rings – The Hidden Dangers of Palm Tree Trimming

Palm trees are unique in that their fronds are often interconnected at the base, so if you get up underneath them and start wiggling loose fronds, it can actually affect the entire frond ring. In a worst case scenario, an entire set of dying fronds can collapse together, falling on the tree trimmer.

When grouped together, these fronds can weigh hundreds of pounds, effectively trapping the trimmer against the tree, and crushing their lungs, causing them to suffocate.

It’s a grim fate, and one that we aren’t eager to experience — and we especially don’t want untrained civilians suffering that kind of outcome.

The Importance of Certified Tree Services

Because palm trees are so dangerous, tree services, even professional teams experienced in all other manner of tree removal work, must be certified to trim palm trees in the state of California. They have specific laws and regulations about trimming palm trees.

Additionally, because of the deaths that have occurred, there are certain procedures that are expected to be followed for safety reasons when palm trees are trimmed. Workers are to use fall protection, and they should have the best equipment that allows for them to conduct trimming from a spot above the fronds instead of below.

At OC Tree Service, our professional team of expert has gone through the proper training and certification to trim palm trees, and for that reason, we encourage you to call us if you ever have need of palm tree trimming. We are ready to take care of any kind of trimming needs.

This is not a job to be taken lightly, and we have respect for the care and caution that must be taken when it is being performed. Do you have a need for palm tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, or any other kind of tree service? Contact us today!

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