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Welcome back to our blog here at Orange County Tree Services! We’ve been serving the area for years and we’re passionate about doing what we do really well! For that reason, we have a long-standing reputation with the residents of Orange County, whether that be the people in Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, or anywhere in between. Our name has become synonymous with high-quality work, and that’s not for any reason other than the fact that we pride ourselves on our customer service, we’re committed to excellence, and we don’t compromise on integrity and our work ethic. Whether you need stump removal in Newport Beach, tree trimming in Mission Viejo, or tree removal in another part of Orange County, you can’t go wrong when you work with us at Orange County Tree Service. Contact us today to schedule service in your area!

When you’ve had a tree cut down, a tree has fallen down of its own accord, or you broke out the chainsaw to cut it down yourself, you’re probably left with a little reminder of that tree that once stood strong in your yard. This reminder is, of course, a stump. There are so many reasons why tree stumps are problematic for homeowners and in today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at the value of professional stump removal here in Newport Beach. Continue reading to learn more!

Stumps Are Unsightly

One of the biggest reasons that Newport Beach residents reach out to us for stump removal is due to the fact that tree stumps are ugly. They don’t serve a purpose; they simply mark the spot where a tree once stood and often cause the eye to be drawn right to them, instead of your gorgeous yard. Don’t allow anything to take the focus away from the landscaping that you’ve put so much time, energy, and money into — allow our professional team of stump removers to help!

Stumps are a Hazard

Tree stumps are not only an eye-sore in your yard, they also present a fairly significant tripping hazard. Whether they’re just a few inches tall or they’re a foot or more off the ground, it’s simply not worth the risk of an accident or injury to allow that stump to remain in your Newport Beach yard. If you’re ready to get your yard back to its safe status, contact us at Orange County Tree Services. We’d love to help you get rid of that dangerous tree stump.

Anyone who’s ever tried to remove a tree stump on their own understands how difficult it actually is. For some reason, the removal of a tree stump is often much more difficult than the tree was to remove.

Instead of attempting stump removal on your own, reach out to the professional stump removal team at Orange County Tree Services. We can help you with stump grinding so that the stump that used to plague your beautiful yard is simply a thing of the past.

Contact OC Tree Services for stump removal today!

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