Tree Pruning Tips

Did you know the importance of getting your trees pruned correctly?
There are many things you need to know about before you take charge of doing such work, so here we will help you understand why and what the HOA can do to you if done incorrectly.

DIY Home Owners & Tree Pruning 

As we all know, most of us, homeowners like to keep busy during the weekends and putting some time of labor in our backyards. In most cases, we do this just to keep the pennies in our pockets, so saving money is always a good thing, but the question is if we even know how to correctly prune a tree?

Well now In days, we know that we have all become professionals in almost every trade in the world by only going to youtube and looking up things like “How To Prune A Tree.” LOL, but when we look at all the tools, we need we see that no matter how much we try and save, there always is a cost for something.

So is it worth going through all the trouble of researching and buying tools like branch cutters and ladders and even your own safety? Probably not unless you have the experience in this trade and have the tools than its all good to go, but are there other things you should worry about?

 The Risk Of Prunning Your Own Trees

I think by now, as a homeowner in southern California, you should know a thing or two about the HOA (Home Owner Association). If you don’t, then we are glad you stopped by here before you go and do anything yourself or even hire a professional company to prune your trees.

Answering the question from earlier in this article, if there are things you should be worried about, the answer is hell yes! The reason why we should all be concerned about what we do in our own property is that we want to know if the HOA is coming, later on, to haunt us for something we did not know about.

In The state of California, The HOA is very strict on what goes on in your neighborhood. Whether it’s The HOA itself or just a nosey neighbor calling them on you so when it comes to pruning your own tree, its something you really want to think about.

 Should I ask The HOA If I Can Prune My Own Trees

Yes, You always want to contact the HOA before doing any kind of work on your property. With all the regulations in your city, its essential to stay on top of the laws in your community.

Are you willing to take all this work into your own hands? Well, now you know its tons of work to be done and really kinda takes away the fun of doing it yourself when all you want to do is prune your own tree and be proud of your work.

So would it be easier to just hire a professional tree service company in your area? Tree service companies know more about regulations and laws so you can take that heavy burden off your hands.


Could There Be Consquences With The HOA

The HOA in southern California can charge you hefty fines for improperly pruning trees. Always remember to do your research when hiring a company to prune your trees, ask questions, and make sure they know the HOA laws and regulations.

There are many cases where people like yourself have hired a company to come and take care of pruning their trees, and because they did not know the laws, they ended up in court fighting their HOA. Costing them more than they would have spent by hiring the right company.

So now you have to ask yourself is it worth pruning the trees yourself and saving a few bucks or hiring a professional company to do it for you.

My Final Thoughts 

There you have it. I hope we could help as we know how annoying it can be when dealing with the HOA. When choosing a company, always make sure to use your search engines to find pages like Yelp or the yellow pages, and you can easily do this by using your phone or pc.  

We have used a few Tree Care companies in Orange County, and they have fantastic reviews all over the internet so you can check them out here. If you have any questions, please leave any comments below, thanks and hope you found this useful.

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