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While there are many jobs that undoubtedly require the expertise of a tree service, you might be surprised at how much you could benefit from a team of tree professionals just looking at your yard.

While jobs such as tree removal, stump grinding, palm tree trimming, and more require a team of people with the right tools and equipment, it’s important to remember that in addition to having these resources, tree services also have something that the average homeowner lacks — comprehensive tree knowledge.

How can this be a boon to you, your home, and your yard? Let’s take a look at the reasons:

A Tree Service Can Determine Which Trees Need Removal

Sometimes, it’s extremely easy to know when a tree needs to come down. When dead branches are falling on you and the tree starts getting entangled in power lines, that’s a pretty telltale sign that tree removal needs to happen, pronto.

However, there are a host of other reasons why it would be prudent to remove a tree, not all of them being very obvious. By calling a tree expert to come take a look at your Orange County yard, they might be able to tell you any of the following things:

  • If there are any tree diseases that could endanger your yard’s ecosystem
  • If your trees and plants are in danger of being damaged or sabotaged by local wildlife
  • If the root systems of your trees are likely to grow anywhere they shouldn’t

A Tree Service Can Give You a Rundown of Trimming Needs

Some people are under the impression that trees are solely trimmed for aesthetic purposes. And yes, while it would be fun to trim your trees into the shapes of unicorns and various woodland animals, the reality is that tree trimming is, more often than not, done for more practical purposes.

Tree trimming can facilitate healthy tree growth, prevent hazardous situations, and it can even be essential in preserving the longevity of the tree in question. It can be hard to diagnose tree trimming needs if you haven’t done extensive research on trees, which is why you can benefit from having a tree service stop by to take a look!

A Tree Service Can Give You a Roadmap for the Future of Your Yard

The other great thing that a tree service can do for you is provide general advice on how to handle your yard in the future going onward. For example, perhaps your yard could benefit from new trees being planted. That’s right — tree services don’t only remove trees, sometimes they’ll help you to know when to plant them! There are certain trees that harmonize well with each other, and sometimes, certain species aren’t ideal to have in the same area.

Tree Services in Orange County

Do you feel like the trees in your yard probably need some work, but you don’t quite know where to start? Sounds like a perfect time to call OC Tree Service to come take a look! We can help you identify the problems that your yard faces, as well as what’s working well. And, of course, if we identify trees that need trimming or removal, we’ll gladly do the job for you. We serve all the areas in and around Orange County. Whether you’re in Mission Viejo or Newport Beach, Contact us today!

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