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There are several reasons why tree removal is often made necessary. Trees can grow out in weird unexpected ways, growing into things they shouldn’t, such as your home or into power lines. Their roots can start to overreach, getting too close to sidewalks, utility lines, and so on. Dead or dying trees can pose a threat from falling branches or rogue palm fronds.

It’s not uncommon for a tree to reach a point where it has overstayed its welcome. This is especially true in Orange County, where we have an overwhelming abundance of unique fauna that’s able to grow in our climate. Almost any kind of tree under the sun can grow here, and it’s almost inevitable that one is going to face the need for tree removal service after long.

Whatever the reason may be, you might be tempted to just bust out a chainsaw and fell the tree yourself. But, for your sake and the sake of anyone nearby, we would advise that you leave this job to the professionals.

Why You Should Call a Tree Service Instead of Removing the Tree Yourself

Tree Service Companies Are Trained and Certified

First of all, a tree service is professionally trained in the ways of tree removal. Some might think, “it’s cutting down a tree, how hard can it be?” But the reality is that there are a lot of nuances to tree removal, and a tree that’s cut haphazardly can fall in unpredicted ways, which can be devastating to property and even fatal for anyone who might be in its way.

Also, did you know that the state of California has laws and requires certification in certain instances? Palm trees, for example. Due to the unique dangers of trimming palm trees, it’s actually illegal to do the job unless you’re a professional, certified company.

Tree Services Have a Team of People

Another reason why it’s unwise to fell a tree solo is because that’s just it — you’re doing it solo. It really helps to have a team of people for this kind of job. First off, with multiple people, it’s easier to create a controlled path for the way the tree will fall.

Secondly, have you ever tried disposing of a massive, fallen tree by yourself? Good luck. Even if you have the help of some family or friends, the bottom line is that an entire team of tree removal professionals will get the job done faster, easier, and they will handle all of the cleanup while you can sit in a lawn chair and drink lemonade. Which would you rather be doing?

Tree Services Have Equipment

For many trees, there are more elegant and clean solutions to removal than just taking a chainsaw to its trunk. But, as we mentioned in the point above, there is also a whole lot more to removal services than just making the tree fall.

Have you considered what you’re going to do with the tree once it’s down? Have you considered how you’re doing to transport it off your premises? How you will cut it into smaller pieces and carry them to somewhere else? Do you have a pickup truck that can do the job, or will you be tossing all manner of dirty wood into your nice Lincoln Navigator?

Tree Removal in Orange County

Overall, you’re better off just calling the expert and professional tree service. At OC Tree Service, we’re here to help with all your tree removal needs in Orange County and Mission Viejo. We promise we’ll make the job clean, quick and easy. You deserve a break. Put that chainsaw down, and contact us today!

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