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Welcome to our first blog here at Orange County Tree Services! Whether you’re in Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, or anywhere else in the OC, we’re your go-to local tree service team of professional. Keeping your trees under control is such a huge deal here in California.

You’re not only responsible for how your property and landscaping looks, you also could be facing legal ramifications if your trees block an intersection, a stop sign, or are an obstruction for a neighbor’s solar panels. Don’t risk an injury by climbing a tree that wasn’t meant to be climbed, or using an unsteady ladder to do your trimming.

Call your Orange Country team of professional tree trimmers and tree removers today! Orange County Tree Services would love to help you get your trees under control! Contact us today to schedule service.

When it comes to your local tree experts, we’re staying extremely busy with our Mission Viejo customers! Keeping people’s yards and landscaping looking beautiful with expert tree services is what we do, and we’re extremely proud of that. Let’s take a look at everything that we offer at Orange County Tree Services.

Our Local Tree Services

Local Tree Service

Tree Removal

When you need a tree removed, it’s vital that you don’t try and do it yourself. This will prove to be not only a huge undertaking, you’ll find that it’s also quite dangerous. Instead, let us at Orange County Tree Services help you out! A tree or stump can be disposed of in one of two ways — removal or grinding. The proper method depends on the size of the tree, the extent of its root system, and some other considerations.

Stump Removal

Much like the removal of a full-sized tree, a tree stump can be gotten rid of in one of two ways — stump removal or stump grinding. We decide on which method to use depending on the size of the stump, the complexity of its root system, and some other factors. Stump grinding allows you to avoid having to dig up the stump in order to remove it.

OC Tree Services provides expert stump grinding by using a machine to shred the stump to just below ground level. At that point, we cover it with mulch or soil. You’ll love our expert stump removal and stump grinding services.

Tree Trimming

One thing that we have plenty of here in California is trees, and just like any other trees, palm trees must be trimmed and maintained. Orange County Tree Services can provide you with expert tree trimming and palm tree trimming so that you don’t have to risk your safety by climbing or shimmying up a tree. Contact us for palm tree or traditional tree trimming in Mission Viejo today!

Tree Pruning

Having trees that are healthy and beautifully shaped is a valuable commodity here in Mission Viejo. At Orange County Tree Services, we know how important pruning or tree crowning can be in regards to the health of your trees, the cosmetic aspects, and so much more. To get professional tree pruning or crowning, contact us today!

Now that we’ve taken some time to learn about our amazing tree services, let’s discuss why our services are important for the residents of Orange County.

Why Our Services are Important

1. Your Landscaping

Let’s face it, everyone values the look of their landscaping. From the flowers we plant to the yard we work hard to maintain, keeping our Mission Viejo landscape design looking beautiful is so important to California homeowners. Orange County Tree Services can improve your property’s curb appeal by providing stump removal, tree trimming, palm tree trimming, or tree pruning. Contact us to learn more about all the ways we’ll make your landscaping look amazing.

2. Hazard Removal

Many people don’t actually realize that having a dead tree or stump in their yard can actually be quite dangerous. Tree stumps from trees that have been cut down are not only unsightly, they’re also a tripping hazard for yourself, your family, and your guests. With our Orange County stump grinding or stump removal services, you’ll be able to have peace of mind when anyone is in your yard.

Additionally, having a dead tree present in your yard presents so much more than a cosmetic eye-sore; dead trees are constantly in danger of losing branches at any moment or even falling over with no warning at all. Instead of risking the danger of a falling tree or branch, allow us at Orange County Tree Services to help you with tree removal. Contact us to schedule tree removal services at your Mission Viejo home today!

3. Preventing Obstructions

Making sure that your trees are in compliance with all the traffic signs and streets is extremely important. Getting ticketed because your vegetation has become a driving obstruction is a huge frustration. Don’t allow your trees to cover a traffic sign or keep drivers from being able to see if cars are coming — contact OC Tree Services to help with that.

In addition to the driving obstructions that out-of-control trees can present, trees that block your neighbors’ solar panels could cause some added frustrations to your life. Make sure that your trees don’t block those panels from getting the sun they need. Reach out to us at Orange County Tree Services for expert trimming today!

If you’re ready to see the many ways that Orange County Tree Services can improve the look, safety, and practicality of your Mission Viejo landscaping, contact us today!

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